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It is said that Lions do not really need to work for money, at least in their conception there is no connection between work and money. They work only if they like what they do, if they are inspired, or if they want to shine in a profession. This native is hard-working sometimes obsessed with work , organized, disciplined and meticulous. It is also in relation to money. He calculates his budget to the last penny, writes down all the expenses on paper, so that he knows at all times how he stands. It is not the kind that gives guns, that is to make a lot of money overnight, but it is rather the kind that calculates each step and goes from close to close, making money from work and its measurable effort.

It does not give money easily and does not spend unless it sees the usefulness and functionality of a thing. Of all the air signs, Libra is the most cerebral and calculated net. He is not the type to work on the branches, alone, but he works very well and with extraordinary results when he has partners or associates.

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He will spend on modern clothes, a beautiful car, good restaurants, art objects, all sorts of beauty procedures and generally on things that help this native to build an impeccable image in the world. Money is the equivalent of power, it is the instrument with which you can control and manipulate.

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Secretly, mysteriously, about the money he holds or the methods he intends to apply to make money. There may be situations in the life of this native, when he will have to take it from scratch, when everything he has built collapses. But he always gets up. He does not like to give money to others and always spends the measure, thinking in pragmatic terms any expenditure as an investment. If it brings profit or other benefits, it is worth taking money out of pocket.

If not, no. Scorpions have money through others: partners, descendants gifts , gifts, sponsorships. Money is a means of freedom, exploration and adventure, so I never hold my teeth, especially since they always trust that money comes to them when they need it. I spend on long trips, beyond borders especially. I make money out of pocket easily when it comes to pleasures, hobbies, new and great gastronomic experiences. I do not know where the money comes from or where they are going, as long as they use it to help them and those around them.

He prefers to leave the impression that he does not have too much resources, because he does not like to borrow money. He aspires in secret, what is right to impressive assets, but he has the patience to get there, calculating each step with great care. He always thinks of tomorrow and even of years in advance, because he always wants to be ready for anything.

He makes money, because he feels that he has control and feels more secure.

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He has a rather strange behavior towards money. It is idealistic and you look at money as a way to gain your independence and nothing more. Or as a means to help your friends, or to make a contribution to the world. Maybe he can spend all his money in his pocket just because he inspires him at some point, or he can give all the savings to a friend who needs support. Some Aquariums engage in charitable projects, set up foundations, clubs or associations to support certain social categories.

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Spends on gadgets, modern technology, books, courses and everything that facilitates access to new knowledge. This area of life is a nebula.

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Being a dreamy, artistic, bohemian, he can live very well with money and without money. Although he is not too inspired by money management and usually makes paradoxical decisions, he still has an inexplicable ability to attract money. It seems to be the merit of the fabulous intuition it has. For Pisces , will be a great year to make money. He is very empathetic, especially with the suffering of others, which can cause him to leave without the last lion, for a noble cause.

First quarter: With such aspect of Venus, love will make you smile broadly. Enjoy this state of grace, which should not last forever. Single, you are generally faithful in your affections, you seek stability in feelings. But you dream too often of the blackbird, which strongly narrows your hunting ground. Learn to be more eclectic to give you more chances.

The stranger will this time play an important role in your love life, and in a very beneficial way. Second quarter: Attention, it is especially on sentimental plan that the opposition Saturn-Pluto risks to feel its effects. The result is that some natives will have a crazy bad to avoid these days conjunct crisis.

If I vote couple of wing since a moment, it really will not be the moment to drive the nail, under comb to blow everything up. If you can keep your cool, avoid arguments over and over again and wait to make a decision; the storm will save you. It will not have any annoying effects for happy couples to live together, of course!

Singles will have to wait again before they can meet their dream. Third quarter: Your loves will be well influenced. You will have a great time with your loved one. Tip: escape from unhealthy interferences and curiosities, and choose simplicity, especially by spending very little. Single, I divided between irrational impulses on the one hand and the need to stabilize you on the other hand, you may have difficulty finding the right balance in your emotional life. Think a little more and try to control your instinctive side so as not to let your chances pass.

Since you are trying to make plans, do not forget to take into account these contradictions. Fourth Quarter: This is the most beneficial planet in the solar system, Jupiter, that goes these days to watch over your loves.

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If you live in couple, happiness will be at the rendezvous, with, in prime, in some cases, the birth of a baby! If you live alone, this is one of the best times of the year for a promising encounter. If you have a heart beat, do not play the shy ones: make clear to yourself. It would be too bad to miss such a great opportunity! First quarter: The gift of this period, it will be without question the presence of Venus in your area of love.

By forming a favorable configuration, this planet will above all protect your loves. Its impact will be all the more sensitive as it will at the same time form beneficial relations with the stars that occupy the sector of meetings and favorites. If you live in couple, Venus will offer you a beautiful period of tenderness and complicity.

If you live alone, it will do even better: it may well be that it is worth a very important meeting.

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  • For some of you, there will even be a wedding in perspective! Second trimester: It is possible that your partner has made some small misbehavior, and this makes you deeply unhappy. Still, do not think about breaking up, knowing that human nature is full of weaknesses. If you live alone, unplanned encounters may be the cause of pleasant connections. But you will have to keep them clandestine because they will cause a lot of derogatory comments and jealousy.

    Beware too much naivety on your part; put a stop to your overflowing generosity that encourages you to fill gifts with those you love. Third trimester: You will feel a visceral fear of losing the object of your love, and this fear will make you enter a strong crisis of jealousy. But a little jealousy is good; a lot of jealousy, hello the damage! If you are lonely, the period will be excellent, both to start a relationship and to conclude a marriage.

    Some of you could start an out-of-the-ordinary love affair and experience intense passionate relationships, or meet the partner who will flatter their self-esteem. Fourth quarter: This is one of the most prosperous periods of the year on the sentimental level.

    Perfectly placed in the zone of love, Venus will also form favorable configurations with Neptune, romantic planet if any, and Uranus, the master of favorites. Happiness will be there if you are already bound.